Nov 13th, 2013

New Coinbase Users Can Now Acquire their First Bitcoin in 10 Minutes or Less

Part of our goal at Coinbase is to make acquiring Bitcoin as easy as possible. Since August, we’ve had an instant-buy feature available to users who have made a purchase and been with us for 30 days.

Starting today, all new Coinbase users can acquire a small amount of bitcoin (just 1) without the 30-day wait period provided they meet the rest of the required verifications (verifying their ID and adding a backup credit card).

Traditionally it has taken a few business days for new users to acquire bitcoin for the first time, even though they want it immediately.  With this change, a bitcoin newbie can acquire their first bitcoin in the time it takes to link and verify their payment methods - 10 minutes or less.

Check it out and try buying some bitcoin instantly!

And while you’re at it, let your friends know that they too can get their first bitcoin in a matter of minutes.  If you use our referral options, both you and your friend will get $5 of Bitcoin!

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