Apr 3rd, 2014

Merchant Highlights: Betabrand and Chicago Sun Times

One of the most exciting aspects of the bitcoin ecosystem is that new use cases for spending bitcoin emerge every day. E-commerce and content focused companies continue to be early leaders in merchant adoption, and this week we are excited to highlight Betabrand and Chicago Sun Times.

Betabrand offers some of the coolest clothes on the web, and you can now spend bitcoin on Betabrand with two-clicks using your Coinbase wallet. With the exception of crowdfunded prototypes, all Betabrand products are now shopable in bitcoin; some of our favorites include Executive Hoodies and Dress Pant Yoga Pants. We’re very excited to bring Betabrand’s crowdfunded, one-of-a-kind products to bitcoin users worldwide.

This week, Chicago Sun Times became the first major newspaper to accept bitcoin for print and digital subscriptions. Chicago Sun successfully experimented with bitcoin in February, using Bitwall to power a bitcoin-enabled paywall. The 167-year-old newspaper has further demonstrated its commitment to bitcoin by enabling consumers to buy a digital subscription for the newspaper at

E-commerce and content companies are just two of the many types of businesses utilizing bitcoin to improve top-line and bottom-line revenue. If you are interested in learning more about how Coinbase’s Merchant Services can improve your business, email us at


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