How To Accept Bitcoin On Your Website

We’ve been working hard on our merchant tools, and today we’re launching the Coinbase payment button.

Here is a demo

Payment buttons make it easy to accept bitcoin on any website by copying and pasting a few lines of code.  We were really inspired by the Stripe Button and wanted to bring something similar to the bitcoin world.

Payment buttons work well for “buy now” purchases, donations, and shopping cart integration.  And since the payment window is embedded in your website, the user never needs to leave your site.

There is a brand new Merchant Tools section on Coinbase that lets you generate payment buttons in just a few minutes.  Here are a few screenshots of our merchant tools in action:

Button Generator

It’s easy to create payment buttons with our button generator, customizing their style, text, and order details.  Just paste the generated code into your website and you’re ready to start receiving orders.  Special thanks to Chris Robinson for designing the buttons.


The Orders Dashboard

As orders come in you’ll see them appear in your dashboard, along with a graph of your total revenue for each day.


Automated Payouts To Your Bank Account

Bitcoins can be cashed out nightly to any U.S. bank account.  Payouts arrive within two business days to your bank account.


Shopping Cart Integration

Payment buttons integrate into your existing checkout process by sending callbacks to your website when you receive an order.  You can read more about callbacks here.


What does it cost?

Receiving bitcoins is free for merchants.  If you decide to withdraw your bitcoin to a U.S. bank account we charge a 1% fee.

Ready to try it out?  Here are the next steps:

Payment buttons are in beta, so feel free to send us any feedback or integration questions via the Support Center.  Thanks!