Humble Bundle now accepting Bitcoin using Coinbase bitcoin merchant tools


Humble Bundle, known for its flash sales of millions of $s worth of games from high quality developers, is now accepting Bitcoin using Coinbase merchant tools.  You can check out the newly released bundle of games here.

Humble Bundle has always been about the strong link between great game developers and the people that love them.  Fundamentally, Bitcoin is a great match, as it allows direct payment for these games from anywhere in the world with far lower fees.

In addition, since base fees on transactions are so low in Bitcoin, it makes small purchases viable where credit card fees used to make them painful. Take a $0.99 app purchase as an example - credit cards will often charge a base fee of $0.15 or more.  All of a sudden that’s 15% of revenue (and an even higher % of profit!) out the door in payment processing costs.  We think Bitcoin will enable businesses doing small $ transactions to exist where they couldn’t before because such fees are so prohibitive.  We wouldn’t be surprised to see music artists use Bitcoin in the “pay what you want” method for a new album soon.