We Just Released A WordPress Plugin!

The Coinbase WordPress plugin is now available.  The plugin makes it super easy to add bitcoin payment buttons to more than 68 million WordPress websites around the world, and is completely open source.

If you have a WordPress powered website, simply:

1. Visit your admin section and click Plugins -> Add New.  Then search for “Coinbase”.


2. Once you’ve installed the plugin, visit the Settings -> Coinbase page, and follow the instruction to connect it with your Coinbase account.

You’ll be taken to a screen like this:


Notice that you are only authenticating the widget to create payment buttons with your Coinbase account, and nothing else.  It won’t have access to send, receive, or do anything else with your account.

This makes use of the very handy oauth permissions in our API.

3. Now that the widget is enabled you can add a bitcoin payment button anywhere on your blog using one of two methods:

  • a “short code” that looks like this:

    [coinbasebutton name=”Alpaca Socks” pricestring=”10.00” pricecurrencyiso=”CAD”]

    You can add any customizable values as described in our documentation.  This works on any page or location of your site.

  • using the WordPress “widget” which will appear in the right sidebar of your app.

The Coinbase WordPress button is also completely open source, so feel free to modify it as you see fit.

We hope you enjoy it, and as always feel free to send us any feedback if you encounter difficulties.

Special thanks go to Isaac Waller for helping create the plugin.